You have a great business idea and your business plan is (almost) ready. Or you started your business and you are seeking investment. How do you present your business or idea in a way that investors and partners want to get involved? How do you grab the attention and stand out from others? And which elements do you need to include?

In this interactive workshop we will go through all the steps of getting funding: how to find the right investor, the essential elements of a good pitch and how to follow-up after you pitched to an investor.

After this workshop you:

✓ have a checklist for finding the right investor for your project
✓ will be able to avoid the common pitfalls in pitching your business idea
✓ have a structure for your pitch
✓ know how to follow-up after the pitch
✓ you have received feedback on your pitch


→ In English or Dutch
→ Half a day, a full day or two days
→ A powerboost of 45 min
Tailored for your organisation or team

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