With Anna’s support we were able to craft a very powerful, straightforward pitch for our MedTech solution. After two workshops with Anna, we had an intensive coaching program. Anna tactfully, but directly pointed out areas in our pitch that needed to be sharpened, and proved to be right 100% of the time with her observations and suggestions. We got great feedback on our pitch after Demo Day and it helped us to get shortlisted by Arab Health and Innov8. Working with Anna is enjoyable, because she has a warm and constructive manner. We highly recommend to work with Anna if you want to sharpen your message and improve your public speaking skills.

Azhar MD
Azhar MD
CTO & Founder - B3 Digital Solutions + Dubai SmartCity Accelerator

Anna provided a high quality and timely pitch training to a group of diverse entrepreneurs from a dozen different countries. All of the entrepreneurs she trained reported feeling significantly better about their pitch, and told us repeatedly that the quality of the training was very high.

Connor Sattely
Business Acceleration Agent, Hiil Justice Accelerator

Over Anna’s workshop in pitchen: ontzettend nuttig en verfrissend.

Ralf Herbers
Ralf Herbers
Fiscaal Juridisch Financieel Adviseur/Partner, Rein advocaten en adviseurs

I had the chance to work with Anna during Young Leaders Club – Entrepreneurs Summer School, where I had to prepare for a pitch to support my business. Anna proved to be an awesome trainer whom needed only a couple of hours to have me come a long way to the most impactful pitch for investors. I had no experience at all upfront. I plan to continue our collaboration for a long time. I highly recommend Anna for a real boost in your pitching aptitudes.

Marius Stroe
Software Engingeer, Twitter

Over the last three months, I worked with Anna Heijker and she has really helped me to improve my presentation skills. Her advice gave my confidence a boost. I always liked to be on a stage but now I have a set of extra tools to inspire a crowd.

Quincy Spier
Quincy Spier
Founder Blockchain Natives

Veel nieuwe inzichten en erg nuttig. Ik raad het zeker aan om een training in pitchen bij te wonen!’

Edwin Gels

Anna’s training ‘Pitch jezelf in 60 seconden’ was leuk en erg leerzaam. Een praktische workshop en Anna is een bevlogen trainer!

Agnes van der Veen
Agnes van der Veen

Ons team woonde de pitchtraining van Anna bij tijdens ‘WhatTheHackathon Circulaire Economie’. Na de training hadden we een duidelijke structuur voor onze pitch klaar. Daarna heeft Anna ons gecoacht, waardoor we met een krachtige pitch op het podium stonden. Uiteindelijk hebben we met ons concept en de sterke pitch de eerste prijs in de wacht gesleept!

Team WasteWise
Winnaar WhatTheHackathon

Anna is an absolutely amazing pitch coach. We joined a workshop with Anna at Startupbootcamp Dubai and afterwards she coached us to Demo Day. She has the perfect combo a pitch coach should have: an holistic approach on what needs to be in the pitch so that the startup gets the most out of it and at the same time diligent attention to details. Also she is a perfect catalyst and I saw an humongous difference in my pitch skills after working with Anna. She is absolutely great to work with and I would not miss any opportunity to work with her again! If you need a pitch coach it has to be Anna.

Aniruddha Nanivadekar
Aniruddha Nanivadekar
Co-Founder at Intelitaap Solutions

Gisteravond een geslaagde workshop “Pitch jezelf in 60 seconden”, onder enthousiaste leiding van Anna Heijker gevolgd; erg inspirerend en leerzaam! We hebben o.a. stil gestaan bij de valkuilen in pitches en zijn op interactieve wijze aan de slag gegaan met een eigen pitch. Na afloop kregen alle deelnemers een bankpas waarop je je pitch kunt uitwerken als spiekbriefje voor in de portemonnee 🙂 Deze workshop is onderdeel van ons eigen Vitaliteitsprogramma, waarin collega’s het hele jaar door worden getriggerd om aan de slag te gaan met het versterken van hun (fysieke) vitaliteit, verandervermogen en vakmanschap #trots.

Elske Koopman-Huitema
Rabobank Emmen

I have had the pleasure of working with Anna Heijker on many occasions as she has provided her experience and knowledge during our NGO Breakfast Sessions, which invites individuals from NGO’s to learn from experts. Anna has led sessions on ‘Sharpen Your Presentation Skills’ and ‘How To Build A Personal Brand’, which were interactive and informative. The feedback for these sessions was extremely positive, including comments on her positive energy, inspiring presentation style and the self-realisation by the participants. I would recommend working Anna because not only is she smart and professional, she exudes energy, knowledge and creativity through wit, humour and class.

John McKellar
John McKellar
CEO and Co-founder, Bridging the Gap – NGO Academy

Anna has successfully delivered the highly interactive training ‘The Perfect Pitch for You and Your Projects’ for the Purchasing Department within Procter&Gamble Romania. The learning mode was set from the beginning to all 40+ attendees. The interactive atmosphere kept us all active throughout the entire session and I personally loved how present Anna was at every moment! Anna made us all think about ourselves and how to effectively put that into a 1 minute speech. A few impressions from participants: ‘Excellent content’, ‘This particular session was very interesting’, ‘Great speaker, interactive and knowledgeable’, ‘Good crowd management and high interest’ and ‘Have a follow up session on pitching’. The participants loved the training session and they would like to have more of these in the future! Anna, thank you once again and I hope we will work together again very soon!

Arabela Margean
Senior Procurement Specialist and Communication Officer, Procter&Gamble

Anna has delivered the training ‘How to pitch your business in 60 seconds’ for the members of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania (CCER). Anna has a high energy level and during the interactive training with real-life examples participants have sharpened the messages about their companies. The result is that they feel more confident and they are ready to create new business opportunities. We look forward to next trainings with Anna!

Gentiana Avrigeanu
Gentiana Avrigeanu
Managing Director Swiss-Romanian Chamber of Commerce

Anna heeft op professionele en bevlogen wijze een aantal evenementen voor ons gepresenteerd. Ze heeft een positieve benadering en zorgt voor een goede sfeer. Anna vraagt goed door en introduceert sprekers op sprankelende wijze. Ik beveel Anna van harte aan als dagvoorzitter!

Adriaan Pals
Initiatiefnemer Ondernemerstraject Growing Workplace


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